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January 17, 2008

page 1 Jan.jpg Picture by Matthew Charman

The countryside at its misty best, with Linda Rivers enjoying a ramble in it in her wheelchair, provides the front cover picture for the latest issue of The ME Association’s quarterly ME Essential magazine. It's been put in the post to members today.

Linda is featured inside the 48-page magazine (our biggest for years) extolling the health-giving virtues of rambling. That’s if kissing gates and stiles – and cyclists who catch people in wheelchairs unawares – don’t get in the way.  

Her story sets the scene for ME Essential’s usual breezy tour of the world of ME news, features, medicine, politics and other matters.

It will be a breath of fresh air for those whose illness is making it difficult to hold down a job to read about the options available to help them get on with their lives.

To stay or not stay at work?Our medical adviser, Dr Charles Shepherd, reviews all the available choices in his latest management file on ‘Employment and ME/CFS’ (also available as a separate £1 leaflet from our office in Buckingham).

There’s a mouth-watering waft of something tasty happening in the kitchen as we look at the latest book of gluten-free, wheat-free and dairy-free recipes, while Shena Macdonald might help you ride out a new but stormy relationship in her article on how to minimise the dangers in this particular ME minefield.

The MP and government minister, Yvette Cooper, recalls her three-year brush with ME in a revealing, shaft-of-sunlight interview with Jane Colby, which first appeared in a Young ME Sufferers Trust publication.

And Richard Eddleston, from Nottingham, blows open the workings of the group which developed the NICE guideline on ME/CFS which was published last autumn. As a member of the guideline development group he was an insider. For those who want to know how some of the major decisions were reached, it makes fascinating reading.

Rain may still be falling in sheets, but there’s always the fair weather of the rest of ME Essential to look forward to.


  • DLA and the cooking test – what is it?
  • The menopause, HRT and ME
  • Dark chocolate – does it have a future in the treatment of ME?
  • Tips on what to do if you doctor is being particularly unhelpful
  • Can the NICE guideline help improve hospital-based services?


  • New Year’s honour for Dr Ros Vallings, the GP in New Zealand with the most experience of ME/CFS
  • The longest-running series on ME/CFS on the BBC. You can still read the scripts!
  • Nominations invited from MEA members for our first-ever research or medical innovation award
  • It’s election time at The MEA – with two trustees up for re-election at our AGM later this year
  • The MEA guide to “What’s hot? and what’s not?” on the ME campaign trail in 2008
  • Undergraduate wins major scholarship from her bed.
  • Biomedical research and more – details of all the big conferences in 2008


  • The Lightning Process
  • Pigeon lofts
  • Benefits appeals and medical assessment
  • Losing weight
  • Morning pain
  • Tired old clichés
  • Adverse reactions to venlaxafine and other SSRIs
  • Enada/NADH
  • Miaxial
  • Anti-candida diets


  • Send-off for our Amazon explorers Ed Stafford and Luke Collyer in London on February 2. Come and join the party!
  • Cyclists out in force while fundraising for The MEA – Eric Smart will ride from Aberdeen to Adelaide in west Australia • Martyn Jones takes on the Tour de France Challenge • Peter Warren chooses the route from Zeebrugge to Nice.
  • We launch our new fundraising pages at JustGiving.com – the most user-friendly fundraising website on the planet


  • Diary Dates
  • Reviews – as well as the allergy-free cookbook, we have a quick look at Ashok Gupta’s new DVD set.
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