ASDA gets tough on parking space abuse

January 13, 2008

ASDA announced this weekend that it would be the first retailer to fine drivers for the misuse of disabled and parent and child parking bays in its car parks.

All profits generated from the fines will go back to baby charity Tommy's and Motability, the national disability charity providing the leading car scheme for disabled people.

The move which will see abusers fined £60 for parking in parent and child and disabled spaces, comes into force from Monday 14th January 2008 and follows a successful  trial last year in the north of England.

When surveyed four out of five ASDA customers said they believed rolling out the scheme nationwide was the right thing to do.  

The trial, which lasted three months, operated in six stores in Liverpool.

As a result of the scheme the number of free parking spaces increased by over 60% for disabled drivers and parents with young children.

“At ASDA we have decided to take a stand to keep specialised parking spaces available to those customers that need them.  Most customers using these bays without good reason don't realize their actions impact on people that rely on them to do their weekly shop." said Paul Hedley, ASDA’s customer service manager.   

”We are not handing out tickets to make a profit as money raised will go back to charity.  

Signs in all stores will clearly state that you will get a fine if you park here unnecessarily.  We would encourage anyone that manages a car park to take our lead." Mr Hedley added.

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