Cognitive behaviour therapy: Daily Telegraph, November 26

November 30, 2007

The Telegraph's doctor, James Le Fanu, returned to the subject of cognitive behaviour therapy as a treatment for ME in his column on Monday, November 26:

The controversy over the treatment of chronic fatigue syndrome, touched on last week, is part of a recurring pattern whereby doctors "psychologise" illnesses they do not understand and propose useless treatments. Thus, Professor Peter Littlejohns claims cognitive behavioural therapy for those with chronic fatigue "reduces the level of symptoms, disability and distress".

This is not the experience of a psychologist with the condition, who describes an exhausting trip to hospital, followed by a long walk to a "drab, shabby room" filled with fellow sufferers. Sessions start with group introductions, with forms to fill in for "homework". The exercise was, she says, a shambles with few (if any) finding it helpful.

 Le Fanu column, November 19


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