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October 15, 2007

The James Lind Alliance website now has information and reports relating to two research meetings held in September 2007 (with the AMRC) and June 2007 (with The Lancet). 

SEPTEMBER MEETING:  Should Patients tell Researchers what to do:  If so, how? >> More

JUNE MEETING:  How can clinical trials serve the needs of clinicians and patients more effectively? >> More

The James Lind Alliance aims to:

1  Draw attention to the importance of research agenda that addresses unanswered questions about treatment uncertainties prioritised jointly by patients and clinicians.

2  Promote working partnerships and collaborations between patients and clinicians to identify and promote their shared priorities for therapeutic research.

3  Increase general awareness and understanding of  the need to refocus the therapeutic research agenda.

The presentations and discussions involving researchers, patients and medical charity representatives that made up the two meetings held during 2007 covered a lot of ground that is relevant to ME/CFS and were well worth attending.

The proposed programme for 2008 can be found here

Dr Charles Shepherd

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