Recognition in Catalonia

October 5, 2007

From Clara Valverde

The Promoting Commission (the patient leaders who do the organizing) of the Catalan CFS-FMS Popular Legislative Initiative (CFS-FMS PLI)has received the Alternativa Award last September 29, 2007 in Barcelona, Spain.

The award is given every year to a group who does something significant for social justice.

The CFS-FMS PLI Promoting Commission got the Award for mobilizing Catalan society around new and, up to now, ignored illnesses, gathering in 140.000 signatures in two months (only 50.000 were needed and there was 6 months to gather them), and fighting for a just cause: competent medical services for CFS and FMS patients.


The Alternativa Award was given by the third most important politician in Spain, Gaspar Llamazares, in an awards dinner for 1100 people. The Commission thanked the signature gatherers, all the FMS and CFS associations and all those who signed and supported the initiative.


At the moment, the signatures are being validated by the Catalan Statistics Institute and in November they will be taken to the Catalan Parlament. Then it will be voted whether to accept the PLI for discussion and debate and then the final vote.


The Promoting Commission are now very busy meeting with politicians from all Catalan parties and other relevant figures in Catalonia, in light of the difficulties that the last stage of this process poses.

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