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October 28, 2007

The 44 page October issue of ME Essential is now available.

Contents include:



  • Update on what is happening plus a two page letter insert that you can sign and send to your MP to ask him/her to take part in the ballot for a House of Commons Adjournment Debate that the MEA is helping John Bercow MP to organise.  The debate will cover all the current major concerns:  DWP medical guidance for DLA applications; NICE guideline;  NHS Plus leaflets and lack of research into the underlying physical cause.


  • John Bercow MP visits The MEA’s office in Buckingham to discuss the adjournment debate and the issues it will cover
  • Report on the MEA annual medical meeting in Peterborough in September at which representatives from NICE presented their recommendations and answered questions from the audience.
  • When NICE is not good enough – the MEA response to the final version
  • MEA statement on the final version of the DWP medical guidance for DLA applications
  • Joint charity response, co-ordinated by The MEA, to the three NHS Plus leaflets on employment issues
  • Report on the July APPG meeting at Westminster that covered problems with NHS service provision, including the presentation from Dr Terry Mitchell on the East Anglia model


  • Update on plans for the two year Amazon Walk – to raise funds for an ME tissue bank and post mortem research unit. Watch the video as well!
  • Recycle your phones to help the MEA
  • MEA Christmas cards
  • Swaddles Organics – advert for the commercial partnership with The MEA.


  • Diary of forthcoming meetings and conferences in Belfast, Berkshire, Dumfries, Eastbourne, London, Lincoln, Maidenhead, Sunderland
  • Legal problems facing people with ME – how to find a good solicitor if you need one.
  • ME/CFS in the USA
  • News from local groups


  • A disease of many names: ME, CFS, CFIDS, PVFS   But what do they all mean?
  • Alcohol intolerance and ME/CFS
  • Benzodiazepine withdrawal
  • Disability Living Allowance – a new MEA Management File
  • DLA medicals – one person's experience
  • Genes – is ME inherited?
  • Lightning Process – a range of views
  • Lumbar puncture – is it relevant to the clinical assessment of ME/CFS?
  • Nutrition – a three-page review from dietician Deborah Lycett
  • Private laboratories – using them for ME tests
  • Tonsils and recurrent tonsillitis – when should they be removed?
  • Total food allergy
  • Vaccines and ME
  • Valganciclovir – taking part in the new clinical trial
  • Weight gain – why do some people with ME put on weight?  What can be done to reduce unwanted weight gain?


  • Trustee elections
  • Report on the August Board of Trustees meeting
  • ME Connect – more telephone volunteers wanted for our telephone information and support service


Our six-page literature order form insert contains details of:

  • How to obtain paper copies of the NICE guideline, plus the MEA response
  • The new (July 2007) edition of ‘ME/CFS/PVFS – An Exploration of the Key Clinical Issues' – our essential 36 page fully referenced guide to research, clinical assessment and management.
  • Our new Management File on Employment – available in November
  • Canadian guidelines booklet – now back in stock
  • A summary of all our current information leaflets covering all aspects of management


  • President Bush and Lyme disease
  • Royal Free Hospital outbreak survivor Pauline Ovendon receives an award


  • Risk factors for severe ME – summary of a major MEA funded research study from Dr Derek Pheby that is now being submitted for publication
  • Call for volunteers to take part in a new research study in Birmingham
  • More on the link with chronic enterviral infection in the stomach and ME/CFS – as published in the Journal of Clinical Pathology
  • MEA funded research into the role of diet in ME/CFS – this paper is about to be published in Human Nutrition and Dietetics
  • Volunteers wanted for a new research study into the value of pet companionship in chronic illnesses


  • A new CD from Maddy Stuckley – is she the new Katie Melua?
  • Steve Craig's online ME art gallery takes shape

MEA website: now number one on Google for M.E.  The website also has a pdf literature order form.

ME Essential magazine is sent free to all MEA members.  Single copies can be purchased for £5.

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