Chocolate and ME in ‘Pulse’ medical magazine

October 5, 2007

Eating a daily dose of dark chocolate can help ease symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome, report the Daily Mail and BBC News online.

The source

A small study of 10 people with chronic fatigue syndrome by researchers in Hull found that people scored better on fatigue scores when they ate 45g of high-cocoa content dark chocolate a day for two months than 45g of white chocolate dyed brown.

Patients were crossed over to the other treatment after a month break in the study (originally presented at a conference in 2005).

Expert view

Dr Charles Shepherd, medical advisor to the ME Association said chocolate was no CSF/ME cure and the study should be viewed with caution because of its size but there were several ingredients in dark chocolate which could in theory have an effect.

‘From a practical point of view there shouldn’t be any harm in people with ME/CFS taking a small amount of dark chocolate each day to see if it helps – provided chocolate doesn't exacerbate pre-existing medical problems such migraine.

‘However, I would not advise people to start eating large quantities of dark chocolate'

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