Berkshire ME/CFS services campaign – update

October 17, 2007

Reading area ME Support Group and West Berkshire ME/CFS and FM Group tell us:

For some years, we have been pressing for improvements in the care available to patients. 

Following some meetings with the Berks West/East PCT in the Autumn of 2006, it was proposed that a pilot service would be implemented in this financial year – a management activity programme for the mild/moderately affected, as a starting point to CFS/ME services.


However, following staff changes within the PCT with the reorganisation, no further progress, or consistent communications, have been possible.  This issue is particularly pressing now that the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence has published a clinical guideline on CFS/ME.


Following a formal letter of complaint we now will start our meetings with the PCT again.


The two groups will now work together for CFS/ME and FM services in Berkshire. This will start with the launch of a petition to MP’s at an awareness event in Newbury on Friday, October 19. (This will be held in the Baptist Church Hall, Cheap Street, Newbury, from 4.00pm for 4.30pm),


We are hoping that this will help move forward our campaign to achieve some real improvement in the local services for CFS/ME and FM patients.


The Berkshire West PCT has 1,000-2,000 people with CFS/ME and 3,500-22,500 people with FM (based on a population of 500,000 and internationally recognised prevalence statistics of 0.2-0.4% and 0.7-4.5% respectively).  Given that there is no specialist treatment for either condition in the area, this is a huge un-met need.


If you would like to sign this petition, as a person with CFS/ME or FM, carer, relative or other, please phone 0118 9786480, or email

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