Homage to Catalonia!

July 10, 2007

People campaigning for ME/CFS and fibromyalgia to be taken seriously by health authorities in the Spanish region of Catalonia – capital, Barcelona – announced another victory yesterday (July 9).

They have collected 135,000 signatures on a petition to the Catalan Parliament calling for patients to have access to multi-disciplinary hospital units run by trained specialists amd for a reduction in waiting lists from two years to a maximum 90 days.

The organisers say the sheer numbers of people who have signed the petition is three times more than is required to force the petition – known technically as a Popular Legislative Initiative – on to the agenda of the regional parliament.

The petiton had now been passed over to the Catalan Institute of Statistics for verification.

Clara Valverde, one of the driving forces behind the petition, commented: “We are asking for these two illnesses to be dealt with seriously and with good quality by the public health care system”.

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