New phone number for Young ME Sufferers Trust

May 30, 2007


Our new telephone number

Please repost widely.

Dear All,

As part of updating our telephone system, the Trust has needed a new number: this is 0845 003 9002.

At the moment, both numbers are in operation side by side. However, from Friday 1st June, callers to the old number will automatically be told the new one so that they can redial. Only local charges apply to this number.

When Local Groups are sending out their next newsletter and amending their websites, it would be appreciated if you would include our contact details as follows::

The Young ME Sufferers Trust

Tel: 0845 003 9002

Free information and publications at

Many thanks.

Jane Colby

Executive Director

The Young ME Sufferers Trust

PO Box 4347

Stock Ingatestone

Essex CM4 9TE

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