Tick Prevention Week

April 3, 2007

Did you know that it's Tick Prevention Week?



This week is Tick Awareness Week. BADA (Borreliosis & Associated Diseases Awareness) UK and the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health hope to raise awareness of the extent of Lyme Disease in the UK, among both the public and medical professionals.

Currently, though borreliosis is endemic amongst sheep and deer ticks throughout the country, many medics are little aware of the problem resulting from transference to humans via tick bites. Also, many people who receive bites do not realise the significance and do not present to their GP surgeries for investigation.

There are theories about other forms of infection and proposed diagnostic tests, which may offer grounds for further research, but the immediate problem centres on the recognition of clear cases and of cases where the bite does not present with the expected level of inflammation or the ‘signature' bull's-eye rash.

Anyone walking in country where there are sheep and deer populations should be aware of the possibility of being bitten, particularly on heath and moorland, and where there is high undergrowth. The advice is to cover your arms and legs, so you present less opportunity for ticks to bite.

 Tick Prevention Week – singer Daryll Hall recovered from Lyme Disease


Daryll Hall of Hall & Oates was on tour in June 2005 when he was struck down with what felt like "killer flu". He had to cancel shows and struggle home to upstate New York.


After a few days, a doctor friend suggested he get tested for Lyme Disease, and he was postive for erlichia (one form of borreliosis) . On examination they also found a bite with the tell-tale ‘bulls-eye' rash, which he had not noticed. He was then successfully treated with the antibiotic doxycycline and has resumed a normal life.


Daryll now supports US Lyme Disease organisations LymePA.org, LymeDiseaseAssociation.org, & TurnTheCorner.org.


(This information from the Hall & Oates website www.hallandoates.com)

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