Dangerous herbal remedies – BBC TV tonight (March 2)

March 2, 2007


For anyone who is interested in the use of herbal remedies, I have been making a film with the BBC about the use of dangerous (and potentially fatal) herbs that have been imported by a well known ‘healer' and ‘homeopath'.

The film includes undercover filming at a meeting held in a spooky disused seaside hotel where people who took the costly (£100) herbal mixture then started vomiting and hallucinating.

The herbal conconction involved is also capable of producing severe and potentially fatal adverse reactions.

There may be a trailer of the film on Friday night on West Country BBC1 news programmes at 6.30pm.

The film itself is planned for transmission (lawyers permitting) on the West Country ‘Inside Out' documentary programmes at 7.30pm on BBC1 tonight and on BBC World next week at a time to be arranged.

Inside Out can be viewed on the BBC Bristol website at: http://www.bbc. co.uk/bristol. This week's edition will probably be available on the website (‘watch inside out') shortly after it goes out live.

The investigation may also be covered on BBC2 Newsnight at 10.30pm tonight.

The police and various regulatory authorities are being informed about our very disturbing findings.

Dr Charles Shepherd

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