Index to articles in ME Essential magazine

February 28, 2007

Here is an index to the main articles which have appeared in our quarterly magazine, ME Essential, since March 2004.

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Medical Management Files


December 2006, pages 13-14

Specialist Referrals

December 2006, pages 14-15

Blood Tests

October 2006, pages 15-17

Alternative and complementary approaches

July 2006, pages 14-17

The ABC of symptom relief

April 2006, pages 17-20

Ten key aspects of management

Winter 2006, pages 14-17

Energy Management

Autumn 2005, pages 10-12

Gastric and Irritable Bowel Symptoms

Summer 2005, pages 14-15


Spring 2005, pages 15-16

Sleep Disturbance

February 2005, pages 10-11


October 2004, pages 14-16

New and experimental treatments

July 2004, pages 14-17

Vitamins and Vitamin Supplements

March 2004, pages 12-14

Medical Questions and Answers

Creatine supplements

December 2006, page 15

Vitamin 12 injections

October 2006, page 18

Liver function tests

July 2006, page 18

Coeliac disease

April 2006, page 21


Winter 2006, page 17


Autumn 2005, page 14

Problems at Work

Autumn 2005, page 14

Travel Sickness

Summer 2005, page 16

Preparing for anaesthetics

Spring 2005, pages 16-17

Hypothalamic dysfunction

Spring 2005, page 17


Spring 2005, page 17

Flu vaccinations

October 2004, page 17

Medical Miscellany

Regulation of homeopathic medicines

December 2006, page 32

The many names for ME

October 2006, page 2

Report on MEA medical meeting in Chester

October 2006, page 4

Gabapentin and visual problems

October 2006, page 17

Collecting information on morphine resistance

October 2006, page 19

Lyme Disease – article on internet myths by Dr Darrel Ho-Yen

October 2006, pages 20-21

Scientific proof for alternative therapies, article by Jane Feinmann

July 2006, pages 12-13

Caution urged over exercise programmes

Winter 2006, page 7

New regulator for health professions

Winter 2006, page 12

Co-proxamol concern

Autumn 2005, page 4

Adrenaline-free anaesthesia in dental surgery

Autumn 2005, page 8

Dr Gow tells MEA medical meeting about his genes study

Autumn 2005, pages 8-9

MEA publishes new edition of Shepherd/Chaudhuri booklet, "An exploration of the key clinical issues".

Summer 2005, page 8

Legal pros and cons of exercise prescriptions

Spring 2005, page 8

Launch of National Service Framework

Spring 2005, page 21


Review by Ellen Goudsmit of Multi Convergent Therapy' study

December 2006, pages 23

Medical Research Council chief executive grilled by All Party Group

July 2006, page 8

Is CFS a brain disorder?, article by Gudrun Lange PhD

April 2006, pages 14-16

MEA Research Update

Autumn 2005, pages 12-13

MEA rescues Dr Gow's research project

Summer 2005, page 5

MEA publishes new edition of Dr Melvin Ramsay's study of Royal Free disease'

Summer 2005, page 6

Dr Vance Spence slates state of biomedical research

Spring 2005, page 6

Healthcare cover while travelling in Europe

Spring 2005, page 21

MEA joins GUS Charitable Trust-funded research project

October 2004, page 13

First results from MEA-funded Bristol study

July 2004, page 18

Is candida a cause of ME?, by dietitian Rhona Wilson

July 2004, page 19

Homeopathy: here's the science bit

March 2004, page 15


ME Association welcomes the Gibson Inquiry Report

December 2006, page 4

Conclusions of the Gibon Inquiry, and press release

December 2006, pages 4-5

MEA response to the draft NICE clinical practice guideline

December 2006, pages 6-12

DWP draft medical guidance, version 9

December 2006, page 24

Day of disappointment for DWP campaigners

October 2006, page 8

Gibson Enquiry round-up, inc evidence by Dr Nigel Speight

October 2006, pages 9-11

Opening day of the Gibson Inquiry, inc evidence by Beth Llewellyn and Dr Charles Shepherd

July 2006, pages 9-11

DWP crunch meeting on version 8

July 2006, page 5

Wales clinic campaign, big lobby at Wales Assembly

July 2006, pages 20-21

Gibson Inquiry: membership announced

April 2006, page 4

Members vote to adopt Canadian Guidelines

April 2006, page 7

Steaming ahead with Wales clinic campaign

April 2006, pages 8-9

MEA concern at Incapacity Benefit reform proposals

April 2006, page 10

MEA calls for members' vote on Canadian Guidelines

Winter 2006, page 5

Wales clinic campaign announced

Winter 2006, page 6

Gibson Inquiry announced

Winter 2006, page 7

25% Group joins MEA in call for halt to PACE and FINE trials

Autumn 2005, page 6

MEA takes up NICE survey quota

Autumn 2005, page 6

MEA and the Pace trial, chairman writes

Autumn 2005, page 6

DWP to rewrites their guidelines

Autumn 2005, page 7

Canadian Guidelines – the big debate, part 2

Autumn 2005, pages 21-23

MEA slams draft DWP guidelines

Summer 2005, page 7

MPs launch motion on scientific research

Summer 2005, page 9

Canadian Guidelines – the big debate, part 1

Summer 2005, pages 10-13

MEA tells MPs of insurance problems

February 2005, pages 12-15

Minister taken to task at All Party Group

October 2004, page 4

MEA calls for PACE to be scrapped

July 2004, pages 3-4

Minister refuses to implement ‘no spray' zones

July 2004, page 20

29,000-signature petition presented to Tony Blair

July 2004, back page

MEA complains about official NHS website

March 2004, page 9

Countess of Mar criticisews psychiatrists in Lords debate

March 2004, pages 10-11

Benefits and Insurance

DLA and Incapacity Benefit questionnaire

December 2006, pages 19-22

Permanent Health Insurance misery – Lizzie Harper talks to Mail on Sunday

October 2006, page 14

Benefits claims – use recorded delivery

October 2006, page 32

Independent website exposes secret' orders to DLA doctors

Spring 2005, page 10

Trevor McDonald programme on insurance disputes

Spring 2005, page 11

MEA criticises plan to axe Disability Premium

October 2004, page 2

Barton Hill guides disowned by author

March 2004, page 17

Recovery stories

Sonia Menga

July 2006, page 19

Nick Clarke

April 2006, pages 22-23

Rachel Howard

Autumn 2005, pages 18-19

Nickie Hale

July 2004, page 27


Plans for 2008 MEA calendar

December 2006, page 2

Caitlyn's story, ME from the age of 18 months

October 2006, page 5

Karen Schalbetter and her website

October 2006, page 13

CFS verdict recorded by coroner

July 2006, page 6

Should wheelchairs be one of the last taboos? by Pat Mathewson

July 2006, pages 22-23

Teacher wins £58,000 in discrimination case

April 2006, page 5

Develop some people skills by Marianna Csoti

April 2006, page 6

Ministerial support for ME/CFS services

April 2006, page 6

Feature on the ME Connect service

Winter 2006, pages 18-19

The loneliness of the long-distance sufferer, by Pat Mathewson

Winter 2006, pages 20-21

The DWP heartache goes on

Winter 2006, page 23

Understanding ME, poem by Daliany Kersh

Autumn 2005, page 18

Overcoming loneliness and making friends, by Marianna Csoti

Autumn 2005, page 20

Aloe Vera, by Carol Harris

Autumn 2005, pages 24-25

The Elephant and ME, personal story by Alex Barton

Autumn 2005, page 30

MEA lands £81,000 grant to develop ME Connect

Summer 2005, page 8

Yoga for people with ME/CFS

Summer 2005, pages 16-17

Job adverts row

Spring 2005, pages 8-9

Welsh Association review Wales Government policy

Summer 2005, page 18

Vitamins and the European Court

Summer 2005, page 21

Battle fatigue, Jacqui Footman reports from the teachers' front-line

Spring 2005, page 14

Cowboys and Elephants, western thriller writer B J Holmes tells his personal story

Spring 2005, pages 18-20

ME advocacy service in Scotland

Spring 2005, page 21

Patient power – the Expert Patient Programme

Spring 2005, page 22

Incapacity Benefit – the end?, by Disabilty Alliance chief executive Lorna Reith

Spring 2005, pages 23-25

£15,000 compensation in college discrimination case

February 2005, page 3

Scottish service developments

February 2005, pages 6-7

The PACE trial  – we debate with the organisers

October 2004, pages 7-9.

Professor Pinching and the regional clinical champions report on how £8.5m clinical plan is shaping up

October 2004, pages 18-21

New disability rights at work

October 2004, page 22

James Duffy: Man for All Seasons ((photography feature)

July 2004, page 5

Joe Kilmartin's woodturning workshop

July 2004, page 6

Shrewsbury's Inner Gardens' scheme

July 2004, page 7

Retired law lord to lead Gulf War inquiry

July 2004, page 13

Department of Health announces £8.5m clinics initiative

March 2004, page 4-5

Carolyn Chase photography feature

March 2004, page 3


The Very Rev Michael Mayne KCVO, former MEA patron

December 2006, page 23

Sir Claud Hagart-Alexander, the Laird of Ballochmyle, MEA patron

July 2006, page 24

Dr Chris Moran, Dorset ME/CFS consultant

July 2006, page 24

Dr Colin McEvedy, controversial psychiatrist

Autumn 2005, page 4

Professor Wilhelmina Behan, pioneering research pathologist

Spring 2005, page 7

Violet Sime, Poetry Group founder

February 20-05, page 8

Georgina Peschiera, warm-hearted colleague

October 2004, page 7

Book Reviews

Mickel Therapy

October 2006, page 22

Gowrings Blue Badge atlas

October 2006, page 23

New guidance on claiming DLA

April 2006, page 8

Love Never Fails, by Adrian Rose

Winter 2006, page 22

Verity Red's Book, by Maria Mann

Winter 2006, page 22

All About ME, artistic pocket book by Steve Craig

Winter 2006, page 22

Launch of The Beany', graphic notebook by Michael Nobbs

Spring 2005, page 6

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