Some important matters

January 3, 2007

When you are engaging in a fundraising activity, you should be aware of some important matters of law.

Is it the right charity?

The ME Association is a Registered Charity and so is governed by charity law. In particular, no-one is permitted to raise money in the name of The ME Association and then pass it on or use it to fund another charity! This is important for you to understand because, for example, various ME/CFS charities raise money for particular areas of ME/CFS research (amongst other things). If you want to raise money to fund a particular project, you must find out who is sponsoring it and deal with them directly, using their name and (where appropriate) registered charity number. However, as you're at The ME Association's website and so can read of our work, we hope you will be raising money for us!

Use of The ME Association's charity number, identity badges, letters of introduction, logo etc.

There has been an increase in the number of bogus charity collections and it is therefore important that you carry some form of identity to indicate that you are collecting in good faith. We have available identity badges, letters of introduction, sponsorship forms etc. Please contact us for details.

Please note that you are not permitted to use The ME Association's charity number, logo etc. without our prior permission.


Everyone knows that you need a licence to sell alcohol (apply in PLENTY of time if you want one), but did you know that in some local authorities you need one if you propose to give alcohol as prizes in raffles, tombolas, etc? The Police have been known to raid charity events where these prizes are offered! Please read information on lotteries and the law at Notes on offering alcoholic drinks as prizes are provided under each category of lottery.

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