Payroll Giving

January 2, 2007

Payroll Giving involves donating directly from your pay or pension to The ME Association. Some advantages of Payroll Giving are that it allows you to make regular donations without having to do anything more; the donations will be tax free to you; and the Government will add 10% to your donation, so making your contribution worth even more to us.

The ME Association is now actively promoting Payroll Giving as a fundraising initiative. Many charities receive tremendous support through Payroll Giving schemes and, like them, we would welcome the regular income, allowing us to plan ahead and secure our future.

As long as your employer is running a Payroll Giving scheme, and you are taxed through the PAYE scheme, you are able to donate direct to The ME Association from your gross (pre-tax) pay. For example, if you donate £10.00 a month to charity through a payroll giving scheme, the effective tax relief will mean it will cost you only £7.80. The Government will then add 10% to your gift, securing a donation of £11.00 for The ME Association.

Are you in receipt of an employment pension?

If you are in receipt of an employment pension and are taxed under PAYE, you can also donate through Payroll Giving.

Contacting your employer

It's simple, for employer and employee. Simply approach the Human Resources or Payroll Department in your workplace and, if they are running a Payroll Giving scheme, they will be able to supply you with the relevant form for completion. Alternatively, if your employer is running the Give As You Earn (GAYE) scheme, we have an application form you can download below.

You can also make an application for GAYE via the Charities Aid Foundation website.

Could you involve your colleagues at work?

You might consider becoming the ‘ambassador' or the ‘staff champion' for Payroll Giving in your workplace, recruiting others to our cause and, at the same time, making others aware of the ME/CFS condition.

More about Payroll Giving

If your employer is not running a Payroll Giving scheme then charities are missing out. So why not recruit them!

The Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) runs the Give As You Earn scheme. Their website contains some useful information about this particular scheme. Please note that The ME Association is listed under "M E Association" at this website. If you try to find "ME Association" (i.e. with no space between the M and the E), you'll be unsuccessful! If you are an employee, the Give As You Earn page allows you to find out if your employer is a member of the scheme. If your employer is a member of the scheme, you can sign up online straight away. The CAF website includes a calculator so you can see how much your donation would be worth to The MEA. If your employer is not listed, information is given on how you can get them to take part – in fact GAYE will approach them for you.

The HM Revenue & Customs website provides a full list of Payroll Giving agencies and explains the process in more detail.

If you would like to speak to someone at The ME Association regarding Payroll Giving, please call Gill on 01280 818964.


Give As You Earn Donor Instruction Form.pdf (‘pdf' document – filesize: 112Kb)

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