Angie Flack – a first tribute

January 22, 2007

It is with great regret that we heard last night of the death of Mrs Angela Flack, a trustee of the Board of The ME Association. 

Angie, as she loved to be called, had been a trustee for the last three years.
Angie was a woman of passion. She was passionate about the injustice of the medical establishment in dealing with ME, for she has lived with the illness for much of her life. She was passionate for all those who, like her, struggled to cope alone at home with ME. She was passionate in debate at every Board Meeting, in every phone call and in every email.

Angie was diagnosed just six months ago with an inoperable brain tumour. It was a huge shock to her but she carried on with life as if this was just another challenge along the way.

In hospital she was so proud to receive far more "get well" cards than any other patient on her ward, thanks to the many friends she had made in her work for those people with ME.

Typically, neither her illness not being in hospital stopped her from giving out leaflets from her hospital bed about ME and telling every patient, every nurse and every doctor that this is a real and physical illness. I 'm sure, with her passion, Angie converted all of the medical staff to our cause.

And now Angie has gone. We shall miss her terribly.

Neil Riley
Chairman, Board of Trustees
The ME Association

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