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“Thank you so much for giving up your time to work on this Helpline. It is just so nice to speak to someone who really understands what I am going through.”

“It is really good that you offer this service, it is such a relief to speak to someone who understands.”

“I have worried about this problem for weeks but within 5 minutes you have given me the answer, thank you very much indeed.”

“Thank you, you have been an absolute angel.”

“Thank you so much, you have helped me get through the day.”

“I didn’t know where to turn, thank you for pointing me in the right direction.”

“I really needed someone to talk to, I feel so much better now. Thank you.”

The ME Association Chairman

When you are ill with a chronic condition like ME/CFS there are many things you want to know. How can I cope? What is the best way to manage my symptoms? Where can I find reliable information? What benefits might I be able to get? How can I get others to understand?

Even more important is to hear another voice, someone who understands how ME/CFS affects everyday life. Someone who will listen. The role of ME Connect is simple. It is there to support people with ME/CFS and their carers to help them make informed decisions. It is there to listen to a caller and try to understand all the issues they are facing.

Each year the helpline does this for thousands of people. Out of everything we do, it is ME Connect of which I am most proud. It is what a charity is all about; giving help to those who need it at a difficult time in their lives.

Neil Riley, Chairman, ME Association

We are Members of the Helplines Partnership

The Helplines Standard is a nationally recognised quality standard which defines and accredits best practice in helpline work. Helplines Partnership developed the Standard recognising the diverse challenges and issues faced by helplines and the varied ways in which today’s service users wish to make contact.

Proud Member of the Helplines Partnership

ME Connect’s Manager

I am very proud of the fact that ME Connect takes thousands of calls each year and I’m equally proud of our volunteers who respond to these calls.

We are all really pleased to be able to help so many people with ME and those who care for them. However, we would like to help more people and thus we need more volunteers to take calls.

The work is rewarding. In a short call you can help a person with their problem or help a distressed caller get through their day. With so much information to hand and an understanding of ME/CFS, we can really help people.

Many of our volunteers have appreciated the fact that they can do their training and take calls in their own home. Others have said that helpline work has given them a sense of purpose and a feeling of job satisfaction.

“It goes without saying that helpline work is incredibly rewarding.”

“The training you receive gives you the confidence to answer the calls.”

I was given training which taught me to listen, really listen, to the people who call.

“Realising that you can, in some small way, make a difference to someone’s life is very humbling and rewarding.”

Comments from ME Connect Volunteers

Please note

All communications are treated in the strictest of confidence. Please check your contract for charging details. Calls cost the same as other standard landline numbers (starting 01 or 02). If you have a call package for your landline or mobile phone then calls will normally come out of your inclusive minutes.

We are a small medical charity and we do not have the capacity to answer long or complex questions relating to medical management, DWP benefit disputes and legal problems. ME Connect provides information and support and, where appropriate, signposting to further sources of help or information.

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